Bleach Blade of Destiny is a game for the psp you have to download it from play station network.


Story modeEdit

Story mode lets you play the battles that happened in the story line.

Free playEdit

Free play mode lets you do the story of bleach as the Player Character


The endings can be seen after beating the game based on what you do in the game

good endingEdit

The good ending is you kill all the Arrancars and Aizen. It shows Aizen dead and the soul reapers heading back.

Bad endingEdit

peace endingEdit


To get the video you have to get all the endings and all the missions done.

It's shows a cloaked human looking thing walking. He says this.

I am the last of the Arrancars they all died one by one at his hands. I will do anything to get them back.

it ends there it is not know if this is just a joke vid or real we will have to ask or wait.